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Naomi Speaks: Fall Edition- The Year of Yes! Healing and Wholeness

Arts & Culture, Charity & Outreach, Meeting

Where: The Chocolate Mint Foundation
When: SAT, OCT 27TH 2018 at
Audience: General

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We are closing out our YEAR OF YES! Series and preparing for the Next Level Series. We as women put ourselves at the bottom of the list for healing. At this Naomi Speaks we want to focus on the inner you. Our Fall Edition will be dealing with the truth of what we as women need when it comes to healing and wholeness. We want to finish out this year STRONG!

Titia Owens always sets the tone and will lead us all in a fun and educational morning. Our Resident Teacher Dr. Faith Oliver will close us out on THE YEAR OF YES focusing on healing. Our keynote Speaker Crystal King will share from her heart how true healing happens. She will discuss how many people, in fact most people, walk through healing in the physical sense of surviving a disease, but we need how to survive when you mind, heart, body and spirit is being attacked.

Vonna Matthewas will have an interactive activity to help us all focus on the healing and wholeness in ourselves.

In Naomi’s Corner the Visionary will have a candid conversation with Juliette Ross on dealing with the gardens of our heart, our spirits and the gardens in our own physical yards.

Let’s deal with the inner “me” that can be the enemy.

As always there will be food, fun and fellowship. Since we are talking about food we will sample Vitality Bowls one of the newest health conscious eateries in Dallas.We look forward to you spending your mid-morning with us.

VIP vendor and sponsor: Ava Michelle Jewelry #BeExtrAVAgant

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