5 Things That Make Men Look Weak In A Woman’s Eyes

May 30, 2017 12:42 PM

Christopher Mobley

Lifestyle Writer

If there is one thing that will always be true when it comes to women, it’s that they want a man who is strong.

I’m not talking about physical strength, being a body builder or just the biggest, baddest and toughest guy around. Although it isn’t necessary to fit the description in the last sentence, women usually want a guy who is strong willed, has a sound mind and can handle situations. 

Even if a woman is strong and independent, she wants a man who can be a sound partner, not someone who is going to let her carry the weight and be the one who has to be the decision maker. 

This is why signs of weakness in men, not matter how subtle, can be a complete turnoff for women who have their affairs in order. 

Here are five things that men do to look weak in the eyes of women. 

Being Too Indecisive

Women want a man who can be leader, or at least be able to effectively communicate so that they can both come to a mutual decision, especially when it’s a crucial situation.  If you’re a man who is almost never able to make an important decision about his own life without a long period of filibustering, then how can a woman trust that you’ll be able to make important decisions when it comes to your relationship, marriage or children?

“Venting” Too Much

Women understand that it’s hard going about your day without being triggered every once in a while. Having a boss or coworker who is getting on your last nerve, getting into a little bit of road rage with the idiot who cut you off in traffic, and many other issues can take a toll on your psyche. That’s why it’s sometimes best to get it off your chest just to blow off steam. However, when a man vents too much, especially about things that shouldn’t even matter because they happened so long ago, it makes him look weak. This makes a man seem like someone who lacks the ability to let certain things go, even when it isn’t important anymore. Even though women are able to hold grudges, no woman wants to deal with a man who is going to hold onto an argument or situation for months on end just to get it off his chest by bringing it up further down the line in the relationship. Let’s not even get started on how big of a mistake a man venting about his exes is!
Being Too Serious/ “Checking” A Woman Too Much

There’s a time and place for everything. A man has to know when it’s time to be serious, and when it’s time to relax, be cool and just have fun. Although some women may prefer a serious man, being a man who is too serious all of the time can be a turn off, especially when his seriousness turns into mini lectures and potential arguments about how he demands his respect as a man who “don’t play that.” When men do this, they come across as being someone who has had women take advantage of his perceived “weakness” in the past and is allowing his insecurities to cause him to “check” women, even in times where it is unwarranted. 

Being Too Clingy Too Early/ Being Thirsty

Although being someone who is willing to show his emotions and let a woman know how he feels is a good thing, being a man who is too clingy is a turn off for some women. While it’s okay to like someone and show that person that you’re infatuated, but to show them that they “have your nose wide open” is going a little too far. There’s nothing worse than only knowing someone for a month or less and doing things like calling/ texting them over and over again, constantly trying to make plans without considering the person’s own schedule and life, and sometimes even straight up questioning whether this person “really likes you.” To some women, this makes it seem like the man has qualities and traits that usually turn women off and is trying too hard to compensate, which usually results in the opposite effect. 

Being A Little Bit Of A Hater

When Dame Dash was on The Breakfast Club and said that men shouldn’t talk about other men, a lot of people gave him the side eye. However, he kind of had a point. Women want a man who is confident in himself, and nothing screams out a lack of self-confidence like a man who always has to say something to tear another man down. While you don’t need to constantly be a hype man for other men and compliment men to get the point across that you’re not a hater, if you constantly have to point out the flaws of other men around her, it definitely makes you look weak in her eyes. The reason this makes men look weak is because it seems as though the man is constantly trying to make himself look better in comparison to the other men. So be a strong man who focuses on himself instead of the flaws of other men. 

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