5 Types Of Guys You Need To Run Away From!

September 20, 2016 1:08 PM

Christopher Mobley

Lifestyle Writer

When it comes to dating, there's always hope that you'll find that special someone who'll make you believe in love at first site and manage to keep your heart for years to come. The biggest problem is that you have to sift through all of the duds and time wasters before you find the right one. It's fairly easy to avoid the obvious bad choice, such as the 40 year old aspiring rapper who records mixtape at his mother's house, or the guy who says that he is a good father to all 10 of his kids. It's fairly easy to spot the cheapskate who pulls out the coupons and counts every penny spent on the date.  However, there are other type of men out there who are destined to be a headache to date or completely waste a woman's time. So here are the 5 types of men you should avoid in order to keep this from happening.

1|    Mr. “I Got A Plan”; The Indecisive Entrepreneur

    It's no secret that there's nothing more attractive than a man that can be his own boss. Not only hard working, but intelligent, and confident enough to make things happen on his own. There are many women who can attest that trusting and holding down this type of man while believing in his vision will lead to a better life. This is NOT that type of man. The indecisive entrepreneur may seem to have the intelligence and confidence in his plans, but often lacks the discipline and gumption to be a “doer” instead of just another philosopher. He'll sound like the perfect ambitious brother who wants to be his own boss at first, but as the months go by and the plans change like clockwork, you'll realize that you may have made a mistake. While some of his plans may sound good enough to work, his lack of dedication and commitment to each will result in him changing plans again and again. First it'll be an idea for a business, then it'll be a career path that allows him to be his own boss, then he'll want to be an entertainer, then...you get the point. If you get deep enough into a relationship with this type of man, you'll feel less like the partner of an ambitious man, and things will feel more like a sitcom or cartoon; a wife or GF who has to put up with her man's weekly cockamamie plan to get rich!

2|    Mr. “I got you. It's all good”; The Trick

    There are men out there who have money, and don't mind spending it! There's nothing wrong with splurging after all. However, this type of guy isn't someone who makes six figures and doesn't go to out to dinner unless it's at one of the finest restaurants in the city. He isn't the millionaire who has a private jet that can take you wherever you want to go. He's a normal guy who works hard for his money. Although he works hard for his cash, he doesn't mind buying an a gift, paying rent or  dropping $400 on a car repair for a woman he has only known for two or three weeks as “just as a favor”. This goes way past the point of a guy spending a little extra on a date to make the good first impression. Most of the time, guys who spend money in this manner are using one of a few different strategies. They may “tricking off”, thinking that you'll “give it up” as soon as they spend some money, so they use “favors” or gifts in place of just throwing money at you. They may also it as ammo whenever there is a disagreement. Whether it's something he's doing that is hindering the relationship, or a situation where you may momentarily be too busy to make plans because of work, school and/or family issues taking up a lot of time, he'll quickly use him “treating you good” as a tool to try to deflect instead of actually communicating.

3|    Mr. “Hang Around”/ A.K.A. “The Friendzone” Guy

    When you have a guy whom you have gone on dates with, told him that things weren't working out, and he hangs around indefinitely as the “friend” only to confess feelings later, giving him the chance may not be worth it. You have to remember what kept you from being with him the first chance you gave him. The fact that guys like this stick around rarely means that he's the blessing that the good lord sent when you asked for a “good man” but were blind to. It means that he's persistent. If months go by after you say that you're not really interested in being more than friends, but he's still single and hasn't either moved on or chosen to not take it past the friend level, it means that he's either a heartless romantic or a player who has had his other conquests and still wants to see what you're about. A dead give away to this will be the fact that he's curious and available to listen to you talk about your dates and relationships, but NEVER mentions another woman having his attention. If true friendship comes from a couple of dates that didn't spark anything, then it's all fine and dandy. But if he's the type of guy who agrees to be “just friends” after you've expressed your disinterest, only to confess his “love” for you a few months later, RUN FAR AWAY!

4| Mr. “Don't Play”/ Serious ALL THE TIME

    There's nothing wrong with a man who is stoic and has an “all about his business” type of attitude about himself. As a matter of fact, after leaving a relationship with a man-child or guy who just can't take certain manners seriously, it's good to date a serious man. Someone who can communicate intelligently, has the energy of a boss, able to make plans and decisions without you having to drop hints, and just overall has that strong serious masculine energy. These good traits will show up in “Mr. Don't Play” at first, but if he's truly the too serious type, you'll start seeing the negative traits. This type of guy will be serious to the point of being a stick in the mud. You want to switch it up and try a new, fun activity for your dates? Want to switch it up by going roller skating, playing laser tag, or something fun and youthful to unwind? Well he'll be the man who tells you he's “too grown” for such childish activities. He'll also be the guy who will take even the slightest playful jab as an insult and proceed to “check you”. You may tell yourself that it's good to have a strong man, but a brother who can't seem to turn off his James Evans mode is a little too strong!

5|    Mr. “I know it's soon, but I love you!” - The Super Early Romantic

    There's nothing more sweet than spending a little bit of time with a guy that you're actually feeling, then knowing that he feels the same way, maybe even a little bit stronger. Especially if he's not afraid of his sensitive side and chooses not to hide the butterflies you give him deep inside. You might be wondering whether or not he's the one, and he's not afraid to let you know that the short time you have spent together has let him know that you're the one. It's a beautiful, sweet, romantic love affair that makes you believe in fairy tales again. Bad news...You're a grown ass woman and this isn't a romantic comedy or the intro to your favorite KC & JoJo track from the 90's. If you've known each other for less than a month, or have been on less than 2 dates and he's talking like he's closer and closer to popping the question, don't go for it! This shows that he's more than likely a hopeless romantic, or just spitting game at you, with the former being worse than the latter. Don't get me wrong, it's very possible to have love at first site. However, most eligible men will “play it cool” until they have had enough time to know whether they're really feeling you instead of just physically and that you're the type of woman that they can see themselves being with forever (or at least long enough to find out whether you're crazy or not). When you're in a situation where you and a guy hasn't spent an extended amount of time together, only been on a couple of dates, haven't even slept together, yet he's already sounding like Sisqo's Incomplete is playing in his head whenever he's around you, you cannot let your ego get in the way of seeing this as a negative to a certain degree. If he's that hopeless romantic, you have to know whether he has done this before. If he's the type to fall deep in love early on without taking time to get to know women, then get ready for a lot of crazy exes and baggage on his end. Plus, even though it sounds sweet, you REALLY want to be careful enough be the starring role in The Perfect Guy: Part II!

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