Amber Rose Has a New Rapper Bae And She Wants The World To Know [VIDEOS]

July 03, 2017 1:34 PM
Amber Rose and 21 Savage have been spotted out twice in the past week and while none of us wanted to make any assumptions about the nature of their relationship, it appears we would have been justified in those thoughts.

According to sources close to the new couple, Amber and 21 are super serious and have been dating for a few weeks now. They are so serious that both have already met and bonded with each other’s families – and now we’re starting to see the PDA on social media (more on that later). 

TMZ reports that Amber Rose and 21 Savage have been together “every day and night” since becoming official. Amber has met his Mom and cousins while Savage has been spending time with her Mom and her family.

Check this out – 21 has reportedly even bonded with Sebastian (a.k.a. Bash), the super adorable 4 year-old son that Amber Rose shares with her ex Wiz Khalifa.

Now let’s get to the elephant in the room – the age gap (what did you think we were going to say something else?) 

I wish my brudda was here to see me grow into an artist and overall better man so much pain but I learned how to turn it into ambition

While Amber Rose is 33 and Savage is only 24 years old, they don’t see a concern with the age difference. Reports say Amber Rose thinks it’s “irrelevant” and a “double standard” since she shared a considerable age gap when she was with Kanye West. 
Welp... it’s not like we can even began to argue with her on that. After all, I don’t recall anyone giving Beyoncé grief about being married JAY-Z, who is 12 years older than her.  

According to Bossip, the "No Heart" rapper has been working on new music lately and his friends swear that this is "the happiest they've ever seen him" since he got with Amber.

Are you a fan of the new Hip Hop couple? 

As you’re about to see, Amber Rose is definitely into 21 Savage. Just look at some of their social media PDA in the videos below.

#PressPlay: Okay #AmberRose and #21Savage, we see ya'll 👀 #BaeWatch

#PressPlay: #21Savage got #AmberRose blushing, chile! #BaeWatch

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