Best Unreleased Rihanna Tracks

October 10, 2016 10:14 AM

Carol Scott

Lifestyle/Freelance Writer

Rihanna’s seen her fair share of scrapped tracks over the course of her eight albums, some of which have leaked onto the internet over the years. Below are ten of our favorite Rihanna songs that never saw an official release.

“Bubble Pop” 
Originally intended for the follow-up to Good Girl Gone Bad, this track was cut from Rih’s fourth album Rated R, likely due to its poppier sound. For those who miss old Rih, this track is a fun track reminiscent of “Don’t Stop the Music” with an addictive sample of Inner City’s “Good Life.”

“World Peace” 
The latest of Rih’s leaked tracks, the song, intended for the follow-up to Unapologetic, takes its cues from the smash hit “We Found Love” and would have been a worthy lead single.

“Winning Women” 
Recorded in 2006, the song apes its booty shakin’ production and call-response chorus from Destiny’s Child’s “Lose My Breath”, but it’s still an addictive banger and a real throwback to the greatness of 2006 (remember when Nicole Scherzinger was in the Pussycat Dolls?)

“Whipping My Hair”
Before Willow had the chance to release her song of a similar name, Rih recorded this club track for Good Girl Gone Bad in 2008. After being rejected, the song was picked up by Jennifer Lopez, who also recorded a demo that never saw a release.

“Bring It Back” 
Reminiscent of the club tracks from Music of the Sun, this track sees Rihanna reprising her role as a harasser of DJs over a sunny dance groove.

A fan-favorite, this Good Girl Gone Bad era track samples Prince’s “Controversy”. It’s a real shame that they couldn’t have updated the track for Loud or another album.

“New York Days, L.A. Nights” 
Recorded for a cancelled re-release of Loud, this pop-rock track is a real missed opportunity. 

“Just Be Happy”
Another sunny track from the A Girl Like Me days, this breezy tracks sees Rihanna comforting a lover who’s down after a long day. This song could have been re-done and fit in well on Loud. 

“Emergency Room” 
Yet another reject from the Good Girl Gone Bad, this track sees Rihanna dealing with a cheating boyfriend. The song features Akon and has become a fan favorite since its leak in 2008.

Prepared for Rated R, the track was leaked early and was eventually scrapped from the album, likely due to its similarity to other tracks on the album. Still, it’s one of Rihanna’s best pre-Loud ballads. 

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