(BIG UPDATE) Here are the Reported Baby Names of Beyoncé & Jay Z's Newborn Twins

June 30, 2017 2:49 PM

According to the good people over at TMZ, it appears that names of Beyonce and JAY-Z’s newborn twins are no longer a mystery.

TMZ had done some digging and discovered that Bey & Jay filed trademarks on Friday (June 30) to secure the rights to the names — Sir Carter (Boy) and Rumi Carter (Girl).

The legal documents say the "Sir Carter" & "Rumi Carter" trademarks will be for a litany of things including fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags, sports balls and rattles and novelty items.

While the name “Sir” is normally used before a man’s first name, the name “Rumi” is of Japanese descent and also the last name of famed 13th century Persian poet Jelaluddin Rumi.

Now that we have the names out of the way, we can’t wait to see that first picture... or maybe we have already!

Original story: Wednesday, June 21st at 11:27 AM Central by Monya Fleming

Beyonce reportedly gave birth to her twins Monday June 12th, although neither Bey or her husband JAY-Z have confirmed the happy news. Fans are anxiously awaiting details on the twins, especially the names chosen for the couple's new son and daughter. One insider claims to know the twin's monikers and is spilling the beans!

The birth of Bey and JAY-Z's twins has been shrouded in mystery, with the couple attempting savor every moment and keep the media at bay.

Several news outlets have reported the twins are here and the birth was also confirmed by Beyonce's sometimes-estranged father, Mathew Knowles. He hopped on social media last Sunday to announce the twins had arrived and to send his well-wishes.

The Beyhive is buzzing over the possible names the power couple will be choosing for their new little son and daughter. It sounds as if Bey and JAY are having a little help from their 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy!

An insider revealed, "Blue Ivy is relishing the role as new big sister. She has been keeping mommy company in the hospital and has even helped in the naming process of her new siblings. Blue is happy and can’t wait to take the new babies home to play with.” 

MediaTakeOut.com have reported that an insider has revealed the names of the twins. A source said, "The boy twin we are told name is Shawn Corey Carter Jr. The girl twin name we are told is Bea Carter."

Bey and JAY-Z's twins are currently being kept in the hospital under observation for a "minor issue."

A source revealed, '“Beyonce also remains at the hospital, but as far as we know she’s okay. The babies are expected to be okay as well.”

The exact nature of the issue has not been explained and there is no word on when they will be released. The "minor issue" with the twins is likely jaundice, after new reports claim Bey and JAY-Z's twins are "under the lights" in the hospital.

They're here!

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Webmd notes that babies born prematurely are sometimes put under bili lights to help treat newborn jaundice, a condition that causes yellowing of a newborn baby's skin and eyes. Jaundice in newborns is very common in premature babies. Light therapy helps to lower bilirubin in the blood and eliminate the jaundice.

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