Here's The Horrible Reason Why Stevie J Has Been Fired From 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' After 7 Seasons

January 23, 2019 6:47 AM
Well, Faith Evans Jordan better get ready to whip out her pocketbook, to pay for all of her new husband’s shenanigans. Hear that, Misha?

Yup. Stevie J has been fired from Love & Hip Hop franchise, MTO News says.

The music producer has been a staple on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta series and is the only star to remain on the cast list since season 1. 

He has had two spin-offs—Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood and Leave It to Stevie, which started in 2016 when he split up with Joseline Hernandez.

According to multiple people on the Love & Hip Hop production team, Stevie J. has been booted from the show. 

Why? Because he is asking for too much money. 

“Stevie thinks that now that he's married to Faith, they can get a bigger check from VH1. He's wrong,” an insider spilled.

And, just to be clear, Faith Evans Jordan is not willing to join Love & Hip Hop.

"Faith doesn't want to be associated with Love & Hip Hop - she wants her own show with Stevie,” they continued. (But that is already happening, no? The duo supposedly signed a 5 million dollar deal with Mona Scott Young a few months ago.)

Stevie and VH1 had been in intense negotiations for weeks. But it all fell apart last week.

And VH1 has now moved on. Filming began for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta last week…without Stevie.

Back in July, there were also rumors that Stevie J would not be rejoining the cast after he allegedly attacked Erica Mena at the show's reunion taping.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, security "had to pull the 46-year-old off" Erica after he supposedly called her son a homophobic slur during a hate-filled rant about the 11-year-old. 

Erica may have slapped Stevie and some insiders suggested he laid hands on her. Which led to security having to pull them apart. Evidently, he was asked to leave the building immediately. 

Oh and Erica seemingly confirmed that the incident actually happened in a since-deleted Instagram video, in which she vented, "He likes to fight females. If you blogs want to blog about anything, blog about the fact the Stevie J. is a [expletive], and he likes to fight girls."

Are you sad to see Stevie go? Or is it time for him to exit and move onto something else?

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta returns to our television screens Spring 2019. 

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