‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Camilla Poindexter Accuses Alexis Skyy Of Neglecting Her Newborn Baby + Alexis Claps Back

February 18, 2018 10:04 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Alexis Skyy is apparently OVER all the criticism that is being heaped on her over her baby daughter’s hospitalization. 

Her child with Fetty Wap was born prematurely in early January. As her baby spends her days in an Atlanta hospital getting stronger, Alexis has been keeping her fans updated about her child’s progress. 

But that isn’t enough for some, who are frazzled by her decision to show off modeling gigs and her partying on her social media accounts.

Okay, we hate to defend her, but that is kind of how she makes her money, right?

A recent clip posted of her dancing to a Blac Youngsta track that dropped her name ("Booty") led to some thoughts from another reality star, Camilla Poindexter. 

Alexis soon snapped back though.

Afterwards this video made the rounds, many openly wondered if Alexis has really been doing all she could for her baby. Which is…pretty cruel?

Anyway, Camilla declared that she wouldn’t be doing what Alexis is apparently doing if she had a child born prematurely.

Well, Alexis was not going to let all this float around unaddressed. 

She not only posted footage of her baby moving in the hospital...

...She then posted a message for the naysayers, letting them know that she is there for her daughter every day.

Not long ago, the duo went at it online and Alexis brought up Camilla’s baby daddy drama with NFL BallerDonald Penn and his wife Dominique.

Alexis had also ripped into Fetty for his behavior recenltly.

She ranted on Snapchat, threatening to take him to court and she warned another woman whom he may be spending time with to use a freakin' condom.

She also added: 

"[expletive] [expletive] [expletive], stay the [expletive] from me and my daughter," she said. "I'll see you in court [expletive]."

Sources previously revealed that the baby is in stable condition in the neonatal unit, where baby Alaiya Maxwell is in an incubator. She was reportedly just one pound when she was born!

Doctors attempted to put a stop to the early delivery, but ended up having to having to do an emergency c-section. Fetty and Alexis had popped onto social media to reassure their supporters that both mother and baby were doing well.
#PressPlay: #TSRUpdatez--#FettyWap has been by #AlexisSky's side since she was admitted to the hospital due to pregnancy complications. #Fetty took to #IGLive to let everyone know that both #Alexis & the baby are fighters & are doing just fine!! 🙏🏾 #Alexis also made sure to start following #Fetty on the 'Gram again

Alexis previously her followers a peek at her tiny baby girl, posting a snap of her newborn daughter's hand holding onto her mother's finger. 
#MommyDuties: Awwwww #AlexisSkyy shares a quick flick of her baby’s hand! Let’s keep them both in our prayers 🙌🏽


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