Cardi B Reacts To Child Protective Services Being Called To Check On Welfare Of New Baby

August 15, 2018 9:06 AM
Looks like “Keeping It Real” on Instagram went wrong for our favorite Bronx femcee. 

After going back and forth with a Nicki Minaj stan on social media, things escalated in the wrong way for Cardi B. 

The new mom allegedly made a comment that she would ‘drop’ her infant daughter to engage in a fight with someone, fans freaked out as Child Protective Services were reportedly called to check on the welfare of 1-month-old Baby Kulture. 

Let’s me give you the play by play of how it escalated but we get into Cardi’s reaction to the CPS calls. 

It all started when Cardi and her sister were going back and forth with a woman on Instagram.

“Keeping posing and deleting your and ya sister will never be directed to Nicki. Y’all know where y’yall stand. I like you a lot but if your not gon @ her the stay shut babe,” the Nicki supporter wrote, tagging Cardi and Hennessy Carolina in.

But instead of ignoring the trolling female, Cardi clapped back and threatened her.

“[Expletive] a @ I’m dropping my address is I’m in Atlanta in Mean studios wassup? PULL UP you claiming I’m [expletive] ? I;m giving you a LOCATiON any of ya in ATL? Cause im here and i drop my baby so i can fight RIGHT NOW !!!!,” Cardi replied.

Here's the exchange:

Yikes. Commenters then claimed they’d rung up Child Protective Services in Atlanta to report Cardi.

According to HollywoodLife, Cardi B was (understandably) not happy about the CPS calls and even shed tears about learning about it. 

A member of her team told the site, “Cardi has not been contacted by child protective services and she is not expecting to hear from them either. But this has still shaken her to her core. Just the idea of the authorities coming to do a check on her is scary.” 

Can anyone blame her? 

Her friend added: “She can’t even imagine how horrific it would be to have her daughter taken away from her. Cardi‘s emotions are still very raw so even though this is nothing but an awful rumor it still made her cry.” 

It was never Cardi’s intentions for things to spiral out of control to this level.

“Cardi gets frustrated and annoyed with the online trolls and bullies who can’t take a joke. She feels like people are out to get her, they’re trying to hurt her and her daughter and it’s made her wonder if she ever wants to show the world her baby girl. She feels like she needs to hide her and protect her from all the evil people trying to tear her happiness down”, the source said to HollywoodLife
Doctors visit with mom & Dad🎀🌸K

We’re pretty sure Cardi B loves her daughter and is going about and beyond to be a great mother. 

I love my parents and my sister 💗It makes me emotional to know how much they love me!Nothing in this world to repay all the love and help and support they give me🌺🌺🌺💐💐💖💖

She even dropped out of the Bruno Mars tour to be home and spend more time with baby Kulture. 

I hope you guys understand .This have been such a hard decision .I want to thank @brunomars for understanding .

Here’s hoping Cardi B slows down on the clap backs online and that this CPS incident goes away. 

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