Diddy Goes Instagram Official With Girlfriend He Allegedly Cheated On Cassie With

June 01, 2019 4:07 PM
Welp… Diddy is back to his old ways — or his old girl, rather.

After weeping over the perfect black love he could and should have had with the late Kim Porter, and splitting with Cassie Ventura after 11 years of dating, the 49-year-old Bad Boy founder is dating his On-Again-Off-Again Fling.

In February, the internets dig some digging and found out the hip hop mogul was spending time with a woman named Gina Huynh—the same woman who was reportedly the reason Diddy and Cassie broke up briefly in 2015. 

Several website are also reporting Diddy cheated with Gina again in June 2018 and that’s the reason Cassie finally ended their relationship as she moved on to her trainer, Alex Fine. 

Earlier this week, Diddy and 26-year-old Gina Huynh made it Instagram official after Gina shared a video of the couple on Instagram Live.

In one video, she smiles for the camera as he sticks his tongue out before she turns and gives him a kiss. In another, they have fun with SnapChat filters and in a third, they both rock reflective sunglasses as they pose for the camera.

#Diddy is going extra public with #GinavHuynuh, his “new” chick who’s been in his circle low key for several months now. It’s unclear when the videos were taken, but Gina just shared them today.

According to LoveBScott, Gina allegedly strips in Las Vegas and was/is known to be one of Floyd Mayweather’s “comfort girls” when she’s not spending time with Diddy. 

The internet though isn’t too fond of seeing Diddy dating a woman who is the same age as his sons.

One critic wrote: “Is it me or she looks lil like Cassie. She has been around for years while he was with Cassie. He’s too old and crusty and ashy for this. Pick someone and settle TF down. 🗣”

Another commenter shared: “Ew, she did not want that tongue. The energy is of no chemistry. She only there for the money and some fame sad females 🤦🏾♀️ I tell you!!! So he only be on the black love….missing KP on Tuesday and Thursdays 🤨 Got It.”

This third person asked about all those sad videos he shared about not marrying the late Kim Porter: “Black love?🙆🏾♀️ Lol chanting black love all gohhhht dam day but these tricks not black. But he’s grieving over the love of his life! 🙄He’s too old to be doing stuff like this. She looks really young…I mean…his sons look older than her.🤷🏽♀️”: 

A fourth naysayer said: “Another woman signing up for the ten-year girlfriend plan. Whenever people kiss each other and look into a camera, it’s usually because they miss someone else 😁…nice try diddy. Your women seem to be getting lighter and whiter ??? so what’s up with this black love bs??? this is what you want your daughters to see??”

New Bae Alert 🚨 Diddy gotta new boo and the lovey-doveys are packing on lots of PDA . . . #thatgidigirl #thatgidigirlphoenix #Diddy #pdiddy

Are you here for Diddy rekindling his romance with an old flame?

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