Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott Reportedly Involved In Fight At Dallas Bar — Video

July 17, 2017 12:45 PM
Looks like trouble has found Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott once again as he was reportedly involved in an incident Sunday at Clutch Bar in the Uptown Dallas area.

Details for this latest incident are all over the place but according to someone that sent in a video to TMZ said a man was arguing with a woman that was partying with Zeke. The person went on to say that Zeke got involved and reportedly punched the man. 

Police Officers with the Dallas Police Department say they spoke to a man (now the alleged victim) who at the time said his nose was broken but he appeared to be extremely intoxicated and couldn’t remember who his assailant was.  

In the video below, you can see a man writing in pain on the ground as he was reportedly laying there for a few minutes. An ambulance arrived to Clutch and you can see the man being treated by paramedics before being transported to a nearby hospital. 

To be clear, no arrests or charges have been filed as of press time for this article.

Of course all this comes after Zeke received a report from the NFL on their findings after an investigation into a Domestic Violence accusation made against him in 2016 according to ESPN Insider Adam Schefter. 
Adam Schefter was told by multiple sources close to this situation in the league officer that Ezekiel could face a “one-or two game suspension” to start the 2017 NFL season. The league so far has denied that any decision about discipline has been made and wouldn’t be made until the year old investigation is finished. 

A few months after Ezekiel was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, he was question by police in Columbus, Ohio in July 2016. His former girlfriend says Zeke physically assaulted several times over the course of a week including one instance of assaulting her while they sat in a parked car. 

The district attorney in the case chose not to pursue charges due to conflicting stories. Alleged witnesses present said they didn’t observe any physical attacks.

According the NFL’s personal conduct police, a player can be punished by the NFL even if he does not face legal punishment. 

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