Was Tommie Lee Sleeping With Ceaser While Karlie Redd Waited Outside His House To Pick Him Up?

July 14, 2017 10:20 AM

As we saw in the first part of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion, it was crazy, over the top and as one of my home girls Brianna would say – it was “straight messy to the 10th degree.” 

Karlie Redd and Tommie Lee began to air out their issue about Tommie using Yung Joc to piss off Karlie during the season that just aired…but it was then some other mess bubbled up to the surface.

What we didn’t see coming was Karlie exposing Tommie Lee for just being over at Ceaser’s house when she went to pick him up recently. 

Karlie says she pulled up to his crib and one of Ceaser’s friends snitched that the ‘Black Ink’ star was downstairs with Tommie Lee and was about to smash. 

Yes…The same Ceaser from ‘Black Ink’ that Karlie Redd has been dating since the early Spring, which pretty much means that Tommie Lee has now hung out with two guys Karlie Redd is/was messing with.

After the reveal on the show, Tommie laughed in Karlie’s face smiling about it saying “let me call Cease right now, we going to Puerto Rico.”

Check out the clip below! 

Tommie hooked up with Ceaser? #LHH #LHHATL #LoveAndHipHop #LoveAndHipHopAtlanta

Tommie Lee has since posted a video on her Instagram page clarifying her actions towards Karlie Redd during the 1st part of the reunion.
In her words, Tommie says she would never use her body to get back at another woman because it’s corny. She does say that she would let them think what they wanna think however. 

It makes me think that Tommie Lee was feeling the pressure from the social media commentators after what she said about/to Karlie Redd during part 1 of the reunion. The one thing Tommie did fail to do in her Instagram video is deny smashing Karlie Redd’s man Ceaser, so is this a case of “Do What I Say, Not What I Do?”

Part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion airs Monday, July 17th at 8/7p central on VH1!

There are people who plotted against you who still don't know how you survived....🙏🏾

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