Watch: Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Torrei Is Actually Coming To His Defense After His Latest Antics & Talks Co-Parenting

February 12, 2018 7:08 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

It’s a miracle.

Torrei Hart is defending her ex-husband Kevin.

Crazy. No joke, it’s kind of a surprising development considering she has had no issue blasting him (and his wife) whenever she felts the need to on social media and in interviews. 

However now the reality Star is taking a different approach and running to his side to support him. 

Yup, she defended his honor after he was blasted for trying to get on the Super Bowl stage after the Philadelphia Eagles’ victory (he also cursed on live television).

 “Was he driving? No,” Torrei shared. “Was he at the Super Bowl celebrating a victory? Yes. I mean, it’s the Eagles. You know what I mean? That’s our city. We’re both from Philadelphia; so let the man live. He works too hard.”

Aw. That is nice. And very unexpected.

My mindset is elevated | Can you feel it? #newyorkstateofmind #ontothenext #somewillbeleftbehind #nyfw #ootd #torreihart

The duo are typically publicly bickering, you know? She also spoke about baby Kenzo; Kevin’s current wife Eniko gave birth to him a few months ago.

She shed some light on the custody agreement that she and Kevin have for their two older children, Heavenly and Hendrix. She explained that she keeps the children a majority of the time and Kevin has them the rest of the time. Torrei shared that when she has the children, Kenzo usually isn’t there. 

That’s a bummer. We mean, it makes sense, but that kiddo is ADORABLEEEEE. 

Big sis got this! 🍼 Hendrix’s face is priceless. 😂 #LittleHarts 🖤

Torrei also mentioned that she and Kevin go way back (almost 20 years).

“Even when we have ups and downs, everybody has ups and downs…”

Yupppp. But let’s not act like everything is (and has been) civil and all that.

The mother also opened up about taking Hendrix to the gun range. Torrei pointed out that she has a history serving the country and wanted to teach the boy all about gun safety.

She confessed that Kevin wasn’t a fan of their son being exposed to guns so early in life, but she changed Kevin’s mind after reminding him that she is pretty experienced with guns, as she is a military veteran.

Oh and Kevin isn’t sorry about raiding the Super Bowl stage. He admitted to fans that Eniko warned him not to do it, but he did it anyway (we are repressing so many snarky comments right now). He seems fine with that choice.

Watch Torrei Hart defend Kevin and talk co-parenting below:


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