More Messy Details Reportedly Emerge From Male Accuser In Usher's Herpes Lawsuit

September 14, 2018 8:38 AM
The anonymous man, listed as John Doe in legal documents, that has accused of Usher giving him herpes is asking a judge to order the singer to provide his medical records. 

The man is one of three people that filed a lawsuit against the "No Limit" singer in 2017. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that Usher had slept with them and did not disclose the fact that he had been diagnosed with herpes. Usher's accusers are seeking unspecified damages.

The most notable plaintiff in the case is Quantasia Sharpton, who has been vocal about her case. However, one woman and a man wished to remain anonymous.

Usher has previously denied the allegations of exposing partners to the STD. However, his accusers have refused to drop the lawsuit.

John Doe has demanded that Usher hand over his medical records after claiming he [got down] with the singer at a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles.

The unidentified man claims Usher put his health at risk by not telling him of his alleged diagnosis.


In new legal documents in the lawsuit, John Doe requested that the judge force Usher to provide the information on his medical history as well as the rumored financial settlements with other people. 

Doe claims Usher has refused to comply and even attempted to use an attorney-client privilege and physician-patient privilege as a way to get out of providing his medical information.

John Doe also requested a protective order over Usher's medical documents. He stated that the public circulation of his medical history would also invade his privacy and cause embarrassment.

In addition, John Doe realizes that if Usher's medical documents were released to the public, it could leave the singer ridiculed and harassed.

Usher has previously accused John Doe of harassing him with demands pertaining to the case. The "Let It Burn" singer has refused to answer the accuser’s questions in the case and accused him of attempting to harass him with his demands.

The judge presiding over the case has yet to make a ruling on the matter.

Do you think Usher should be able to get away with not providing his medical information just because he's a celebrity?

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