Mimi Faust Drops a Major Bombshell As She Exposes 'LHHATL' co-star Joseline Hernandez

July 03, 2017 11:52 AM
‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star Mimi Faust wants you to know just how adamant she is about keeping herself and her daughter Eva away from Stevie J’s baby mother Joseline Hernandez.

After recently filing a restraining order against Joseline, Mimi sat down with IceCreamConvos to further explain and put the Puerto Rican Princess on full blast. 

Mimi says the horrible allegations that Joseline made up about Stevie J molesting their daughter sent Mimi to the point of no return. Surely everyone recalls Joseline's post-and-delete ugly accusations about Stevie inappropriately touching Eva before Stevie and Joseline made up a few months ago. 

Joseline’s distasteful accusations led to a 90-day Investigation from CPS and experts giving a forensic exam to Eva Giselle Jordan to determine if she’s been touched or penetrated by Stevie J or anyone else.

Mimi says: “It was more than that. She then sent Child Protective Services to my home. I had a 90-day investigation with the state of Georgia. They came into my home, they searched my cabinets, they went through all of my stuff wanted to see if these were proper living conditions for a child. She said I knew about the abuse. It was incredible.”
“They wanted to give my daughter a forensic investigation,” she added. “That means they wanted to have a doctor look at my daughter’s private parts to see if she had been touched, penetrated.”

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Mimi also mentioned the many, many times that Joseline has lied on Stevie J whenever she gets pissed at him.
“Every time she gets mad, she threatens to expose him—he’s gay, he’s a drug addict, he’s this, he’s that,” said Mimi. “Every single time she gets upset with him. She says something out of her mouth to tear him down and ruin him. It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.”

To make things even worse, Mimi claims that Joseline paid her niece $2500 to lie and say the story of Stevie J molesting Eva was true.

Mimi says “My niece, my flesh and blood, my brother’s daughter, she kicked it off but my niece didn’t have a following. So when she kicked it off, she contacted her [Joseline]. 
She put the lighter fluid on the flame and then she added her two cents in about his father and everything. It was just disgusting. She also paid my niece $2500 to testify in court. She paid my niece $2500 to say this in court.”

Whoa! If Mimi’s claims are true, can you believe the lengths that Joseline allegedly went to bury Stevie J?

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You can watch Mimi’s full interview where she speaks further on Stevie and Joseline and her girlfriend Tamera Young Below: 

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