R. Kelly Reportedly Facing Possible Indictment Over New Tape With Under-aged Girl

February 19, 2019 9:35 AM
UPDATE (2/22/2019):  CNN reports that the Cook County State's Attorney office has indicted singer R. Kelly on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse -- a class 2 felony -- involving four alleged victims on Friday, February 22nd. 


Previous story by Vincent "Heartbreak" Tucker (02/19/2019 at 9:35 am CT):

We are totally not surprised about what you’re about to read as R. Kelly is back in the headlines again. 

The disgraced King of R&B” has been a hot topic ever since the airing of the Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, last month. 

During the 6-part exposé, everyone from ex-employees, family member (including his ex-wife), and even women who were allegedly abused by the R&B singer appeared to recount their involvement with him.

Now R. Kelly has new troubles on the horizon and it may result in him being indicted soon. 

According to CNN, another video of R. Kelly and an underage girl has surfaced. 

Attorney Michael Avenatti says a former employee of the singer claims R. Kelly is committing intimate  acts with a 14 year old girl in the video (the teenager has been identified).

In his statement released on Twitter, Avenatti says he's representing the man as well as “multiple clients in connection with allegations of sexual assault of minors” by the Chicago native.

CNN states they viewed the 45-minute video in question and that a man who “resembles R. Kelly is seen having relations with a girl in the living room and bedroom. 

It’s also being said that the man in the tape who looks like R. Kelly urinates on the alleged 14 year old.

Avenatti didn't say how old the video is but did hint that “the time frame of sexual assaults depicted in the video is within the Illinois statute of limitations.” He also shared the tape has been given to Cook County state attorney Kim Foxx. 

Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, said he had not been notified of the grand jury in a statement to CNN. 

“No one from law enforcement has contacted me or my client regarding any potential investigation,” he said. “Certainly they are aware that I am representing him so if there were any reason to speak to him I would suspect they would have reached out to me.” 

“Grand jury proceedings are, by law, supposed to be secret, so to the extent people are commenting on what may or may not be going on today are possibly violating the law. Still, I can tell you that I am unaware of any proceedings,” Greenberg continued.

In the years since his indictment in 2002 from a child pornography case, claims of sexual assault have followed the 52-year-old. In recent years, he was accused of holding women against their will in a secret cult in Atlanta and studios in Chicago.

After the airing of Surviving R. Kelly, his lawyer Steven Greenberg went on ABC’s Good Morning America and confirmed one of the biggest rumors about singer – At the age of 27-year-old, R. Kelly did indeed marry his then 15-year-old protégé Aaliyah.

“He was married to her when she was 15. Elvis was married to Priscilla,” Greenberg said as a way to justify his client’s actions.

R. Kelly and his lawyer are full of it. It is time to #MuteRKelly.

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