Nicki Minaj & ‘LHHNY’ Star Rah Ali Aren't BFFs Anymore After This Shady Move

June 04, 2019 7:43 PM
Are Nicki Minaj and Rah Ali no longer best friends?

The internet is convinced that beef is brewing between the two after noticing that both have stop following each on Instagram. 

Like many other, we would all find this confusing after Nicki Minaj was reportedly offering support after Rah Ali’s premature daughter passed away on Sunday, May 26th. TMZ and other sites shared that the Queen rapper was doing everything she could to help ease the Love & Hip Hop star’s pain, including checking up on her and trying to “lift her spirit.”

Two women became fast friends years ago after exchanging comments and likes on Instagram. Rah, who used to be Remy Ma’s best friend, infamously switched teams and sided with Nicki Minaj during the latter’s beef with Remy in 2017. 

Also, Ali being one of the primary members of Minaj’s entourage during her brawl with superstar Cardi B at last September’s Harper’s Bazaar party at New York Fashion Week.

“Rah really beat Cardi’s [expletive] bad,” Nicki later said on an episode of Queen Radio. “Like really bad, and I’m not trying to be messy. You went home and told people that security hit you, and we let that lie continue because of legal reasons. I told Rah ‘Don’t tell anyone you hit her, because I don’t want nobody trying to sue me,’ ’cause they gonna come to the person with money.”

Nicki and Rah have yet to address the reports of a rumored feud but it’s safe to assume we’ll find out sooner or later. 

Why do you think Nicki Minaj and Rah Ali stopped following each other on Instagram?


Previous story by Vincent "Heartbreak" Tucker (05/29/2019 at 6:45 pm CT):


Love & Hip Hop
star Rah Ali, just reportedly suffered a heartbreaking loss.

The recently married woman was pregnant with her first child and went into labor at just five months along.

According to TMZ, she lost her child after giving birth prematurely on Sunday. The site shares her baby only survived for a few minutes. 

Sources shared that her newborn daughter passed away "almost immediately after the premature birth." 

BOSSIP adds that: “Ali was in her house Sunday when her water broke and contractions started. Previously, doctors saw no sign of any issues with the pregnancy so Rah was completely shocked when her body went into labor early. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where the baby girl, unfortunately, died.”

Rah was not due until the middle of October as she planned to go public with her pregnancy next month after doing an elaborate photo shoot with her baby bump recently. 

Nicki Minaj has reportedly been by Rah’s side during this difficult time. 

Verified Today a Queen was born 👑 Glad I can call you a friend, gone make this one to remember! 🥂🥳 Happy Birthday @NickiMinaj

The two have been friends forever as many will remember that Rah tried to fight Cardi B on Nicki’s behalf during last year’s infamous shoe-throwing incident at a New York Fashion Week party.

We send our heartfelt condolences to Rah Ali during this tough time, and wish her a speedy recovery.

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