Jill Scott's Estranged Husband Just Hit A New Level Of Petty In Their Divorce

March 05, 2019 7:23 AM
Fix it right now Jesus!

...The exes are on petty mode!

Singer Jill Scott and Mike Dobson, who split after only 15 months of marriage, have been embroiled in a nasty divorce battle. 

Dobson claims he has been attempting to have Scott return some of the items he left in their marital home, but has been unable to retrieve his possessions after she had the locks changed in September 2017. 

According to TMZ, he’s filed new documents in their messy divorce, asking the judge to punish her and force her to hand over stuff!

The items reportedly include his Prince album (Purple Rain), five hotel robes, a massage table, a Dewalt laser level, and ridiculously enough - his extended shoehorn. Talk about petty! 

#JillScott 's estranged husband is suing her to get his 'Purple Rain' Album Back🙄 #LetsTalkAboutIt What’s one item your ex still has of yours that you want back?? Comment below👇👇👇

Jill and Michael tied the knot in 2016. However, Scott filed for divorce in November citing "inappropriate marital conduct", stating that it was not safe for them to reside in the same home. 

Dobson claimed Scott blindsided him by filing for divorce, labeling her as "evil", which violated their prenuptial agreement. 

"She’s an evil woman," he once said. "I’m telling you. It’s like what Jill Scott wants, Jill Scott gets. People are in her ear, and if someone comes in to challenge the dumb [expletive], they made me be the bad guy and that got me outta there."

The former couple have lashed out at one another since their split, but were forced to keep quiet after a judge put a gag order on them both. 
Immensely grateful for this powerful, fun, challenging, beautiful opportunity. My favorite favorite person. ❤️
Several months ago, Dobson requested that Scott cover his $6,500 legal bill. A judge denied that request.

It was later reported that Michael actually brings in around $58K a month from his profits from rental properties. However, his attorney claimed that most of his income goes to "various bills, like debts, rent and child support," which leaves him with $100 a month to spare. 

Dobson’s attorney also told the court that Jill took everything when she left him and that he also signed their pre-nup agreement "under duress."

Michael's lawyer stated, "So this gentleman has been just left out kind of abandoned... All he is trying to do is say ‘Can we resolve this quickly? Can we resolve it amicably? Can I just have the funds, first of all, to get into a place, and secondly, get a legal team aboard to hammer out all of the nuances here, in regards to the storage facility, the car and the assets that are still in the house?"

Scott’s lawyer, Rose Palermo, clapped back by stating that Jill certainly didn't leave her estranged husband high and dry.


Palermo stated, "She did not throw him out with nothing. She gave him $20,000 when he left. And during the course of the marriage, she deposited funds into an account for his benefit.”

This was Scott’s second marriage. She was previously married to Lyzel Williams in 2001. She was also previously engaged to Lil John Roberts, the father of her son, Jett.


We know Jilly from Philly can't wait to get this divorce over with so she can go back to living her life like it's golden.

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