Man Accused Of Beating And Fatally Stabbing Teenage Prostitute To Death While She Begged For Her Life

March 17, 2018 9:57 AM

Monya Fleming

Senior Contributor

A Wisconsin man brutally murdered a 19-year-old prostitute after they got into an argument over the price of sex. The man walked into a police station to confess to the murder the following day.  

John Gillum, 29, told officers he committed a murder at his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Saturday before turning himself in to authorities on Sunday.

During an interview with investigators, Gillum revealed he met Huennekens "a few days ago" and they exchanged phone numbers. They began sending messages about her "having sex for money." She met him at his home on March 3.

Gillum told investigators "he had committed a violent crime" and mentioned something about dying/being killed in a past life and "he sensed something in his head that he had to kill the victim."

Gillum told police that they were discussing the terms for sex for money while Huennekens was at his home. At one point, the teenager threatened to leave if he wasn't going to pay her.

The man became angry and punched Huennekens in the face. Gillum then covered her mouth and tied her up. He told police he had sex with her and stabbed her with a knife in the neck afterwards.

He said he "remembered from watching movies how to stab someone." 

Gillum told investigators that he believed Huennekens was beginning to suffer, so he grabbed a metal pipe and hit her with it "so she no longer had to suffer." He described it as a violent attack "up side her head." 

Gillum said he wrapped her body up in bedroom sheets and fastened belts around the outside to keep the sheets on her body. He told police he "used a bear hug" to carry her downstairs, before dragging her body to the shed.

Police interviewed the suspect the following day and he told them the argument began when Huennekens didn't have change to give him. 


He said they agreed on the price of $160 for sex acts and he had $200, and she did not have change. Gillum claims the teenager stated she would do additional sex acts to cover the $40. However, he didn't want to spend $200 when they agreed on $160.

The complaint states he admitted to stabbing her "five to six times because she was not dying fast enough." 

Gillum told police he tied Huennekens to the bed frame "so she could not get away." He said Huennekens asked him to stop and "begged for her life." 

He stated that he "took this into consideration," but once he punched her "it all happened in one wave." He said he "should've been smarter about it," and killed her a few blocks away from his house.


An autopsy revealed that the victim died of multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma. 

Gillum faces one count of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of second-degree sexual assault for the attack and murder of Huennekens.    

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