‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Rasheeda Fuels Pregnancy Rumors After Sharing New Photo

December 25, 2018 8:28 AM
Is Rasheeda Frost Pregnant?

Fans are wondering if the 39-year-old is indeed with child and preparing to unveil the announcement on the next season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Over the weekend, the reality star shared an interesting new photo while standing at her “Pressed” store in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Recognized for her on-point fashion, the mother of two is rocking some shorts, a Gucci t-shirt and some bright red boots. 

Maybe it’s just the way she fixed her shirt or the angle the photo was taken but many of her social media fans believe she’s pregnant and that her baby bump is now showing. 

See the alleged baby bump photo below: 
Another work day 😍😘 come holla @pressedatl

Already the mother to two sons— 18-year-old Ky and 5-year-old Karter —some of her supporters hope she’s going to be a mom again and have a daughter this time. 

Others opted to go the ugly route and point out Rasheeda should keep her eyes on her philandering husband after his affair with LHHATL co-star Jasmine Washington. They share a 3-year-old son named Kannon.

This person shared: “Will there be a pregnancy surprise on the new season? This is why she puts up with so much…You can see how she holds on to him and he’s haphazardly holding her. From then until now. No shade intended. I was wondering the same thing as if they have been together so long where his other kids come from… hey no shade because that’s her husband, not mines.”

A second person asked: “Not knocking your decision to stay…..but I wonder if Kirk would be such forgiving had you Rasheeda did the same thing to him publicly…….?”

Another commenter wrote: “Tenacity.. love can conquer all. Love to hear that you do inspire me to keep it real and always try harder and forgive one another. When I see this picture, it makes me wanna sing “Shawty swiiiiing my waaaaaay, you sho look good to me, now would you please swiiiiing my waaaaaaaaay, Shawty swing my way.”

Whateva...... @frost117
4 fourth person stated:  “You look so gorgeous, are you having a baby?? Spill the tea sis.i think that would have been better than them on love and hip hop….kinda like family hustle….showing the positive side of the family lifewoaaah sista. …you’ve loved him a long time. Body language body language. It’s now his turn to show you that special kind of love Queen.”

OTR II wit @frost117
Earlier this month, reports circulated reported that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta co-stars Kirk Frost and his wife Rasheeda are indeed pregnant and expecting their third child together.

MTO News wrote that the new pregnancy will be their central storyline for Season 8 of the hit reality show.

Two of their cast mates told the site reports that “ Rasheeda and Kirk have been telling people for weeks that they are expecting.  The couple had been searching for a new storyline, and the pregnancy came at the perfect time.”

One insider explained to MTO News, "We were tired of the whole cheating drama. This season Kirk & Rasheeda are going to have a positive storyline surrounding her having a baby."

The “Pressed” founder is reportedly almost four months pregnant with a healthy baby and Kirk is reportedly “thrilled” by the news.

This beach ain’t always been no paradise.......@frost117
Do you think Rasheeda is expecting baby number 3 with Kirk?

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