Jackie Christie's Favorite Daughter & Estranged Daughter Are Beefing On Instagram

March 09, 2019 9:28 AM
Well this escalated quickly!

What started as a simple "Happy Birthday" message turned into a social media drama between sisters.

Jackie Christie and her daughter, Takari Lee, have had a strained relationship and are not even on speaking terms these days. Now, it appears Takari's sister, Chantel Christie, has also turned her back on her! 

Ta'kari has spoken out on multiple occasions about how her mother treated her differently from her sister and brother growing up. On “Basketball Wives”, we evem saw Chantel come to Takari's defense, but things are different nowadays.

The drama unfolded after Takari took to Instagram to wish Chantel a happy birthday, which also included a mention of their issues.

Takari wrote, "I don’t care what’s going on or what have changed. What will always remain the same is my LOVE for you…I can only imagine what an awesome MOM you are. I only wish you Happiness, Health, and Wealth. I miss you and hope you have the best Birthday Ever!!!"

The birthday greetings were not welcomed with open arms by Chantel, who went off on her sister in her reply.
Chantel wrote, "I'll start by saying thanks, because it's the polite thing to do, but to be honest...you easily could've test me this, accompanied by a personal apology for all the [ish] you've said and done, both publicly and privately. I'm not with the public shenanigans anymore, that's why I've been quiet..."

She continued by stating that Takari shared the birthday post so she could make her followers believe she has a sad life with uncaring family members. 

Chantel wrote, "You put this up for your followers and the blogs. So you can carry on this sad sappy charade like no one gives a [expletive] about you don’t want nothing to do w you etc. I’VE BEEN THERE FOR YOU and for you and dare you to say otherwise. I stopped [expletive] with you off strength of YOU and OUR poor decisions. Has nothing to do with mom. You know how I get down."

Chantel told her sister her feelings have nothing to do with their mother, Jackie, but that she doesn't want a fake relationship with her. She proceeded to tell her she refuses to hate their mother and believes Takari should forgive her and move forward.

She closed her post by writing, "YOU call me when you're ready to be real and own up to the [expletive] Takari has done. Not Jackie. Takari. Until then, please don't speak about me, on the internet or otherwise."

See the full argument between the sisters below:

Do you believe Takari is drumming up sympathy with her posts on her family? Or is Chantel just as crazy as Jackie?

Season 8 of “Basketball Wives” debuts on VH1 in the summer.

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