This ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Announced Her Engagement To Her Long Time Boyfriend — Photos

January 19, 2019 8:08 AM
It's time to break out the champagne!

If there wasn’t a good reason to bring Basketball Wives newbie Cecilia "CeCe" Gutierrez  back to for another season before, there’s definitely one now: she’s about to be an official basketball wife.

Quick, Somebody go check on her future daughter-in-law Kristen Scott right now… 

Over the weekend, Gutierrez and retired NBA player Byron Scott ventured over to Instagram to announce that they are engaged in a since deleted IG post.  


In a comment under one of CeCe's Instagram posts, her now-husband-to-be left a message gleefully announcing this next chapter in their relationship, writing, “4 1-2 years ago we met. 6 months later you were my girlfriend. 2 weeks ago you became my fiancé. And soon you will be my wife. I am the luckiest man on earth. I love you baby.” 

That is really sweet, honestly. 

Oh and CeCe's Instagram bio was recently updated with a diamond ring emoji next to the #4 (which is Byron's jersey number!)

Gutierrez also showed off the huge rock given to her by Scott via an Instastory. 

Earlier this month, CeCe and Byron were spotted on a double date with fellow Basketball Wives co-star OG and her boyfriend Kwame Alexander recently and the bauble is visible even in far-away snaps.

❤️Double Dating ❤️ @iheartog @hitman_44 @officialbyronscott @gemsareforever_bh #gemsareforever

Byron did not come to play!

If you watched season 7, then will definitely recall CeCe's relationship with Byron being a point of contention with his son Thomas's wife, Kristen Scott. Indeed, Kristen and CeCe were on opposite sides of the fence on a few issues—including Evelyn and Jen's joke about her giving "happy endings" at her medical spa.


It was later revealed that Kristen was ticked off that Byron had not been around to visit his granddaughter; Kristen thought CeCe played a role in Byron's distance from his relatives. While in Amsterdam, Kristen insisted that CeCe's place in the family wasn't yet "solidified”.

But now here we are.

So, big congrats to these two! 

Byron was married to his ex-wife, Anita, for 29 years; they filed for divorce in 2014. The Blast reports that Byron and Anita have been tied up in court over spousal support, even after the divorce was finalized. Not much is known about CeCe's romantic past, but she does have a 25-year-old son.

Is CeCe coming back for another season of Basketball Wives though? Hm.

Upon being asked which five castmates she would bring back, Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal recently shared that she’d stick with Evelyn, Tami, Jackie, Malaysia and BBW Miami OG Suzie Ketcham. But that was all fun and games, to be fair.

So, are you excited to see CeCe and Bryon walk down the aisle? Maybe we will all be treated to an on-camera wedding! You never know. 

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