More Trouble On The Horizon For Cardi B After Having Offset's Sidechick Beat Up

June 01, 2019 12:13 PM
While Cardi B isn’t looking for anymore media attention, unfortunately she’s going to get it today.

On the heels of her new record called “Press,” the Bronx emcee is back in the press for the strip club attack case that happened last year involving Offset’s alleged sidepiece.

According to TMZ, the alleged assault took place because Cardi accused Jade of sleeping with her husband Offset, which Jade denied. 

Court documents say that Cardi then ordered Jade, (and her sister Baddie Gi) to get beat down by a group of people at Angel’s Strip Club on August 29.

Cardi turned herself into the NYPD in early October but hasn’t said anything about the charges. 

She was offered a plea deal back in April—plead guilty to one misdemeanor charge, served no jail time and agreed to a conditional discharge—but she balked at the deal.

Well things are about to get worse for her…

On Friday, the reigning “Queen of Hip Hop” learned that her 2018 assault case involving the bartenders is going to be presented to the grand jury—which means stiffer charges will be looming. 

The prosecutors in the case said they uncovered new information but didn’t reveal what that was in Friday’s hearing.

No word yet on when Cardi is next scheduled to appear in court.


Previous story by Vincent "Heartbreak" Tucker (10/1/2018 at 1:34 pm CT):


Cardi, what are you doing?

The Bronx femcee was forced to turn herself in to New York police after a club altercation with Offset's alleged side chick that we first told you about in late August. 

The Shade Room writes: “Looks like #CardiB is in some serious trouble #Roommates! The rapper turned herself into police in connection to a club fight that happened a couple of months ago.”

The post explains that according to @TMZ_TV,  “Cardi will be hit with a charge for allegedly ordering an attack on 2 bartenders at Adult establishment in Queens NY. The two bartender sisters, Jade and Baddie Gi claimed that Cardi had it out for Jade because she believed that Offset might’ve slept with her.’

TMZ shared that “Cardi was at the [adult establishment] because Migos was performing there and she came face-to-face with the two bartenders and allegedly told her posse to attack them with bottles, chairs and a hookah smoking device. The two women were both hurt, but refused medical attention.”

On Monday morning, footage of Bardi entering a NYPD precinct went viral.

Watch #CardiB turns herself into police over the club fight that occurred last month.

ShadyLipz posted the supposed details (and photos). 

In the Instagram post, two women are pictured. The one on the left is identified as Offset’s “side chick,” according to the caption that states, “Cardi and her team jumped on these girls last night @ the club because offset was [screwing] the one on the left lmao.”

ShadyLipz also put up the woman’s comments section after the rumors took off, which was filled with Instagrammers mocking her for this. 

And they highlighted a tweet from Cardi that’s supposedly a sub shot at the lady, along with a photo that the maybe-mistress’ sister posted with Nicki Minaj lyrics.

Also Cardi’s recently-incarcerated friend Star Brim may have had something to do with the scuffle.

Pop Crave
is sort of seconding this, as they shared a snap of Cardi and her team arriving at the venue “with her Nicki Minaj inspired wig,” where everything supposedly unfolded.

An alleged eye witness named Doll, (a dancer at the popular NYC establishment), was present at the venue that evening and said drinks were thrown and words were exchanged, but no actual fist fight took place.

Doll claimed that no one was hurt either, including the bartenders, as they ducked down under the bar during the hostile outburst between Cardi & co and the woman’s crew.

What happened next? Doll says that Cardi and her friends were ushered out. Managers eventually closed the club down for the night. Can’t knock them for that. Yikes.

Oh and there is another clip floating around, which begins with Offset and his Migos clique parlaying in a section of the club. The next scene cuts to Quavo and Offset down at the bar, where alleged mistress Jade was. Then, it seems that Cardi arrived; startling Offset, before whispering in his ear, while raising her arm up. 

Supposedly, this happened right before the run-in with Jade.

What are your thoughts on all this? 

Do you believe that Offset cheated on Cardi with the two bartenders?
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