A Video Of Ray J & Princess Love's Daughter Has The Internet At War Over Her Welfare

May 25, 2019 5:50 AM
Epitome of a Bad Dad?

Just months after a previous photo had the internet at war and wondering if the Him and wife Princess Love are good parents, Ray J finds himself in trouble once again in a new social media post. 

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star shared an adorable video of his 11-month-old daughter Melody Love grinning from ear to ear. 

In the video recorded by the first time father, his baby girl is laughing uncontrollably while sitting in her high chair. 

In the caption, Ray J. wrote, “My little princess @melodylovenorwood.”

However, a song laced with profanity is playing in the background as the b-word & s-word are said repeatedly. 

The internet wasted no time weighing in on the video and blasting Ray J for playing “inappropriate” music around his infant daughter. 

One fan told the new father:  “This music is not appropriate for the little angel.”

Another commenter stated:  “She is so adorable but can’t enjoy with your background music behind very disturbing not appropriate for your precious baby girl.”

This person explained:  “Not appropriate music for such a beautiful blessing baby girl from God, ABC song, wheels on the bus, twinkle little start, and if you happy and you know it clap you hands, Now that’s 100.”

“Alexa please play The Itsy Bitsy Spider for this baby,” one fan joked.

“She’s gonna know all kinds of curses before she can talk listening to this type of music,” another fan added.

“Why the profane language around the baby,” this commenter asked.

This sixth follower asserted: “Yeah I would have say the VIDEO is way cute, but what she hears an user’s is more important. These are the days where she absorbs the most so you may want to take the music into consideration. No shade everyone raises their children different but I just wanted to give insight from a parent of 2 successful children.”

Last August, Ray got called out by thousands of people over a different post about daughter Melody Love Norwood.

The singer shared an Instagram photo of wife Princess Love and baby Melody sleeping in bed next to each other. 

Now this is where you ask, “Vincent, where’s the issue with that?”

Let the internet tell it, the issue was the then 3-month-old lying on her stomach.

See the photo below:

Critics left Ray J mentions in shambles as they warned him and Princess about SIDS — also known as sudden infant death syndrome.

If you’re not too familiar with SIDS, many health experts argue putting a baby to sleep on their stomach or side puts then at the risk of SIDS. Also parents sleeping in the same bed with their babies puts them at risk as well.

One mother shared her opinions to the picture by saying: “First off babies sleep best in a fetal position which is on the stomach dummy 2nd off she can sleep how she wants with her child fall back and give them a break let @rayj @princesslove be the awesome parents they are ain’t no [expletive] manual Or instructions to parenting god leads you and guide you through. You guys are GREAT! Parents .. Sleeping on their backs, that’s for the parents that sleep 5 rooms from their babies and don t check on them. It’s always about the vibration that you bring. You baby has several ancestors watching over her.”

Another commenter shared: “Technically you’re supposed to switch your baby from their back to their stomach it prevents their [sic] hairline getting all [expletive] up. But what you’re really not supposed to do is have the baby sleeping in the bed with you that is a one-way ticket to SIDS. But the picture was taken, so the baby is being watched.”

This detractor wrote: “She should be on her back. PERIOD!!!”

Ray J. and his wife Princess Love welcomed their adorable baby girl into the world on May 22, 2018. 
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