This ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Star Just Exposed Malaysia Pargo's Boyfriend Online

April 24, 2019 8:14 AM
Smh... this is messy.

Malaysia Pargo, who rose to fame on the VH1 hit show Basketball Wives is rumored to be returning another season. 

While her time on the show last season came with plenty of drama, she remained single and according to her… celibate. However, as the new new season of BBW gets ready to ramp up, it appears she has begun to date a new guy. 

Unfortunately though, it appears her new man comes with ton of baggage as he just got called out by another VH1 reality star. 

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tiarra (aka Tia Becca) has had it with her ex-husband, Bryant “B. Moe”, not paying her money he owes her for child support. Tia put her ex on blast, tagging his new girlfriend, Basketball Wives star Malaysia Pargo.

Tia, who was head over heels for Bryant B. Moe Shaw in the season 6 reunion show, is now sick and tired of him not paying up!

👀 @tia_becca_ we need answers 😩😩. You don't have to show his face just spill the juice 🤗🤗. #tiabecca #lhhatl #shegotanewboo
B. Moe apparently owes Tia $25,000 dollars, but is apparently spending his cash on his new lady Malaysia.

Tia bashed B. Moe on social media, saying he owes her money, doesn't take responsibility for his children, has a sexually-transmitted disease, and suggests he is homosexual.

The "LHHATL" star reached out to her ex-husband's new girlfriend on social media, hoping she'll set him straight. 

Tia wrote, "Hey @Malaysiainthecity I know you dating Bryant B Moe Shaw that cute and all him coming to LA to kick it with you and your kids but he just called me Monday with promise To pay (on bills he owe me) telling me he gonna be a couple days late…I’d hate to think he was in LA tricking off when he won’t even pay me the $25,000.00 he owe me or the bill money he owe me."

She then told Malaysia that B. Moe has an STD. Tia wrote, "...and he got Trich girl…so go get checked..another chick came at me with it! (I’m clean though) @malaysiainthecity Now run me my [stuff] before I really embarrass you. You know I know your [expletive] dirty and You won’t even go to the doctor! how dare you call me to tell me you gone be late on my money but you tricking in LA @mancave_nyc_atl."

Tia wasn't quite finished ranting and shared 14 other Instagram stories on the subject. 

When you surrender and just go with #Godsplan 🙏🏾 Life is great! #tuesdays vibes

Tia responded to her followers that criticized her calling him out. "[Expletive] y’all I ain’t deleting [expletive] anyone who can owe me that amount of money and not set face straight is saying [expletive] me and my kids…so [expletive] you and yours too…"

The reality star did proceed to let everyone know that she has nothing against Malaysia. She just hopes Pargo will help get B. Moe get his life on the right track. 

Tia said of Malaysia, "I respect @malaysiainthecity and I think she is beautiful...On mamas sis this ain't really about you...But after he spent spring break with your kids (didn't even do [expletive] for his own) he called me saying he gonna be late with monthly money he owes me! You can't be tricking and owe a single mom over 25K for over a year! The whole Atlanta know I ain't lying. B Moe your following [expletive] should be ashamed. But karma is real..."

The look you make when you come home from a long day of Work But still Have to clean up after Everyone. 🤯..#amothersjobisneverdone

She adds, "Never in anyway did I intend to speak negatively about Malaysia. I always have and still think is Bomb and beautiful. I wish them the best…. I apologize to her and her children. She has nothing to do with that mans tab."

Check out some of the posts below:

Let this serve as a reminder, that if you owe Tiarra anything (like even $5 from the fifth grade), run her that money because she don’t play.

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