Tommie Lee Responds To Comments About Her Parenting Skills Amid Child Abuse Charges

April 11, 2019 9:47 AM
Is Accountability an issue here?

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee is definitely not in a good place these days. 

The mother of two was indicted on several child abuse charges this week after an October 2018 incident involving her eldest daughter. 

Lee reportedly went to her young daughter's middle school and pulled her out of class to clown her. While in the hallway, the fiery reality star smacked her daughter's hands with her purse strap before she reportedly slapped her across the face, dragged her by her hair down the hall and slammed her into a metal locker.

Charged with battery, aggravated assault and child cruelty, if she’s convicted on all seven charges, Tommie is looking at 54 years in prison. (Yes, you read 54 YEARS!)

Naturally, when news of the VH1 star facing child abuse charges hit the news cycle, her parenting style came into question for many across the internet. 

Instead of taking the time to reflect and reevaluate her recent life choices, Tommie (real name Atasha Jefferson) opted to respond to the criticisms. She wants the world to know, that despite whatever public wants to believe, she feels she is a good mother to her daughters: Samaria and Havalli.

In a series of Instagram stories, she wrote:
“Quck Question do you know you’re [sic] child’s teachers? Have you sat down with them this year? Lol Nah don’t answer that. [smirking emoji.]”

Then she posted a picture of her daughter in the hallway with the caption, “Love you through Everything.”

“How about PTA meetings?”

“Outside of enrollment have you ever been inside you’re [sic] child’s school?”

“You girls need to cut it out.”

“What kills me is there’s so many living “Angels”, in their heads but in real life the only angels they have watching over them is the Kids they aborted!! May them Babies RIP.”

“Watch yourselves it could get Nasty, But I’m so in A Great space! Moving On!! So should you!”

“When you’re [sic] child was failing did you cop that tutor or that Gucci bag? Just In case Here’s my daughters [sic] tutor (@ mentions her daughter’s tutor) 4 yrs in [sic] very reliable.”

“For the lives that was cut out of me I’ll Do 100 years! “Meaning” they are my Life so let’s stop Now!!”

Scroll through Tommie's screenshots below:

#Tommie’s got some words for the people in the back!

So does this mean that if you attend your child's PTA meetings, you have the right to beat your child up and drag them down the hall at school?  


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