Gucci Mane & Wife Keyshia Ka’Oir Are Reportedly Expecting First Child Together

June 04, 2019 8:41 PM
There are rumors swirling that Keyshia Ka'Oir is expecting her first child with rapper Gucci Mane.

The news comes after Keyshia stated months ago that she wanted a baby for her birthday.

MTO News has claimed an insider revealed Gucci and Keyshia are having a baby after "trying to get pregnant now for a few months – and it finally worked."

The site is reporting that Keyshia isn't showing just yet because she is only two months along in the pregnancy and very physically fit. 

MTO News states they are "100% certain about the pregnancy." 

The site is also claiming that they were able to confirm that Gucci's representative reached out to the BET Networks with the pregnancy news. This will also certainly lead to a anotherseason for Gucci’s reality show, "The Mane Event."

MTO reported, "During that call, the agent told BET that the Keyshia’s PREGNANT and that the new season would follow her pregnancy."

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Keyshia being pregnant isn't a huge shocker for fans, who probably noticed that the newlywed revealed she wanted a baby recently.

Gucci had asked his social media followers for some good ideas on the perfect gift for his wife. However, she stepped in to let her husband know what she really wants! 

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"What y'all think I should get babe her birthday in 10 days?----♂️@KeyshiaKaoir," Gucci wrote his Twitter followers. It wasn't long until Ka'Oir responded by saying she wants a baby, specifically a "Lil boy."

The couple both have other children from previous relationships, but this would be the first child for the couple together. 

Keyshia isn't likely to come forward with the news of a pregnancy. She is known for being very protective of her children and keeps them out of the spotlight. 

There were rumors last year that Keyshia had abandoned her children with her mother back in Jamaica. However, she hit back at the reports and revealed both Gucci and her children all live with them in Miami. 

Keyshia said, "Gucci and I both have children. It's a situation where I'm proud to be a mother, but I need it to be private. I don't need the kids in the limelight. I don't want them on social media. I need them to go to school and just be children."

She adds, "Even when we're on Snapchat, a lot of times the kids are taking the snaps. Just because we don't show them to you doesn't mean we're bad parents or we're hiding them....the internet, they're bullies and trolls - and children are vulnerable."

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Keyshia explained that she keeps her family close, especially after her father was murdered when she was only 10-years-old. She said, "I’m super protective of them and it’s always going to be that way."

Here's a photo of #KeyshiaKaoir & her alleged children at her wedding. (#GucciMane #wopsters #wopsterswedding #TheManeEvent)

Ka'Oir and Mane, who are nicknamed The Wopsters, have been dating since 2010. They were married on Oct. 17, 2017 in a lavish wedding that was filmed for the BET network. 

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Keyshia has just responded to the pregnancy reports on Twitter, writing, "Fake chile."

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It appears Keyshia isn't having a little Gucci right now or she's trying to throw fans off until she's ready to announce the pregnancy.

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