Shaunie’s Picks For New Cast Of ‘Basketball Wives’ Could Cause Some Major Drama

March 17, 2019 8:12 AM
Who could ever even take Tami Roman’s place? Haha.

While it remains unclear who exactly could return for season eight of Basketball Wives, the castmates have some suggestions.

Yup. They were asked to highlight their top five draft picks. Haha.

Executive producer Shaunie O’Neal would bring back Evelyn, Tami, Jackie, Malaysia and BBW Miami OG Suzie Ketcham.

Malaysia would stick with Brandi, Love & Hip Hop star Bambi Richardson, Jackie, Shaunie, and either Tami or Evelyn. Okay, Evelyn. 

Well, if Evelyn had her say, she would allow for herself, Shaunie, Kristen, Malaysia and Jackie to make a comeback, along with DJ Duffey as a sub.

Jackie’s maturity and growth this season landed her a spot on the roster and if she was in charge Shaunie, her daughter Chantel, Malaysia, Tami, Evelyn, Cece  and OG would all absolutely join her on-camera. 


Jennifer Williams dragged Shaunie on her way out the door, by the way. Lot of that going around these days.

“She starts a lot of [expletive] behind the scenes,” Jenn recently revealed to Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy 

Jenn then addressed the awkward moment during the reunion show where Tami asked Shaunie if she ever told Evelyn about her inability to have children.

“It’s really interesting that Shaunie has selective memory. She couldn’t seem to remember if Tami had said those things, which had happened … She never wants to be in the middle of everything.”

As for all of that nonsense with Evelyn’s daughter, well…

“Shaunie was trying to say, ‘Oh, Jennifer said this … five years ago’ … I’ve known [Shaniece] since she was 6,” Jennifer stated. “I’ve never even seen Shaniece with a credit card, to be honest with you. So, one, that’s something I would never say. […] If I said this five years ago and this is your girl, why, one, are you just now bringing it up? Two, why were you advocating for us to sit down and have a conversation last season. But now, this season, it’s something totally different.”

Jenn admits that the “amped-up ratchet antics” may have plumped up Shaunie’s bottom line, explaining, “The ratings have been out the room, which means that’s an extra check for Shaunie O’Neal.”

Oh and why did she sit out this year’s reunion show? Jennifer claims she feared for her safety, after a security member was injured in that table-tossing incident. 

She said her lawyer sent a letter to the production staff the Friday before the reunion taping to let them know she would not be in attendance. According to Jenn, production sat outside of her home to get her to change her mind, supposedly promising to provide extra security. But she stood firm on her decision to not go. 

“I really just wanna move on,” Jenn concluded. And maybe she will?

Who would you bring back for the next season of Basketball Wives though?

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