Watch: Stevie J Has A Physical Confrontation With A Woman Claiming He Owes Her Money

July 04, 2017 2:21 PM
‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star Stevie J has 99 problems and it looks like we just found the 100th one!

A woman with an Instagram account named Sincerlymirah says Stevie J owes her money and she’s looking to get paid in full like yesterday.

Amirah (which is the name on the account), posted to her IG Story a video of her following the reality star and Bad Boy Records producer into an elevator and repeating over and over to “Give me my money,” as he tries to move away from her.

It’s at the end of the video where things get extremely ugly. Now we aren’t sure if she was pushed first or she pushed him because her phone cuts out for a second. 

Seems like Amirah’s mad rush to get paid in full is because she paid to get Stevie J’s car fixed recently. In a now-deleted Instagram post (we hate post-and-delete people), Amirah alleges that “He owed me money cause I paid to get HIS car fixed y’all be dragging [expletive].” 
Now if you’re like us, you’ve probably ran to the assumption that this is a woman that “Sleaze” or “Sleazy J” (as Benzino calls him) was “hanging out” with and now that he isn’t kicking it with her, she wants her funds back. We guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

So far, Stevie J has not responded to this ugly encounter publicly and nor do we expect him too. He’s got a bunch of other problems to deal with including Joseline Hernandez trying to take his daughter Bonnie Bella to Miami for a permanent move as they are still in court fighting over custody. 

After further review of Stevie J & Amirah’s encounter, it may be in his best efforts to pay up his debt if he’s in debt to her.   

You can see what went down here. 

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