Tim Norman Explains Why Jennifer Williams Is Lying About Domestic Abuse Claims

April 11, 2019 6:34 AM
Jennifer Williams and ex-boyfriend James “Tim” Norman are still fighting. It is even messier than before too! Plus, they dragged legal documents into the situation, so…oof.

Tim recently dished to TMZ about all the drama.

He insists that the reality star is being vindictive because producers of his mother’s show, “Welcome To Sweetie Pies,” could not convince him to propose to her. He refused and then Jennifer went and got a restraining order, claiming he was prone to violence and was stalking her.

Tim believes that all of it is an attempt for her to gain attention to guarantee her return to “Basketball Wives”… plus he says Ms. Williams stole money from him. 

The 'Sweetie Pies' star states that he’s the one who actually needs a restraining order, insisting that Jennifer tried to run him down in her car and that slashed his tires at one point…and that she might be particularly agitated because he refused to fund her online business, “Classy Girl Wardrobe.”

A few months ago, Jennifer showed off a temporary restraining order against her ex.

“Guess what we got today?” she asked at the time. “A temporary restraining order! I need it. He’s crazy.”

“He’s despicable to me. I do not want to even look at him. He’s a sick person and he needs to get help.”

“He just wants to harass me, embarrass me.”

Watch Below: 

Jennifer previously posted "proof" of Tim’s moves on Instagram, captioning this, “I’m dealing with a real life psycho that I have not seen in 3 months! I don’t know if he is trying to boost ratings for his show or what his agenda is. Imagine me slashing tires. Imagine Tim moving quickly. Please leave me alone and stop fabricating lies.. ✌🏽”.

Tim once hit back at Jennifer's "proof" of a police report, which she seems to have splashed on social media. He shared a screenshot of it, writing, "My NAME ISNT EVEN ON THAT [expletive] !!😒And as far as the document she posted. If you look at the “Date and Time REPORTED” .. it says 12-18-17 21:30.. (9:30 pm) almost 13 hrs AFTER the restraining was placed on her and almost 33 hrs after incident .. 🤔. Restraining order was filed at 8 and granted by 8:30am and court date set exactly 3 weeks later. She made no calls to Police or any notice of “stalking” till AFTER she found out a restraining order was placed on her."

"All I had to do was show the emails ,threats, and hate that’s been thrown my way .. that’s it . Judge issued a restraining order immediately .Why isn’t there one on me ?? I’m NOT PRESSING CHARGES! I just want distance."

No shade, but we don't really know enough about either of them to pick a side in this.


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