Jackie's Estranged Daughter Talks Relationship With Mom, If She’d Join ‘BBW’ & More

April 29, 2019 6:59 AM
Is Jackie Christie the Epitome of a Bad Mom?

Takari Lee, the estranged daughter of "Basketball Wives" star Jackie Christie, previously penned a tell-all book on the cruel treatment she received at her mother's hands. Lee has now opened up about the status of their relationship in a new interview.

Takari detailed her strained relationship with her reality star mother in her book, Light to Her Shadow: The Takari Lee Christie Story, last year.

Lee sat down with MadameNoire to discuss her current relationship with the "Basketball Wives" star.

Takari said of her book, "My book is my story. I am a person. I’m a human. I have a testimony, besides everything you guys see on TV. That’s somebody else’s reality. I have my own. I hope to inspire everyone to let them know you can go through things, but that does not have to predict what you become. You don’t have to be bitter."

TSR STAFF: Maurita S. @maurita.salkey __________________________________________ #Roommates, we all know the relationship between “Basketball Wives” star Jackie Christie and her daughter Takari Lee has not been all cookies and cream. Takari recently expressed her having an absentee father, and how Jackie's husband has been a father figure in her life. Now, Takari is spilling even more tea in her tell-all book, where she recounts Jackie going to jail for shoplifting and scamming. __________________________________________ In Takari's book “Lights To Her Shadow,” Takari recalls her family having to steal items and sell it back to get money for food. Swipe to a look at the excerpts…
Jackie's estranged daughter was asked about the root of her issues with her mother.

She replied, "That’s a good question. With me, being a mother, I would say it was a disconnection. A connection was never made. I don’t blame my mother for leaving me with my grandmother. That was the best decision ever. I don’t put it on that. I think if you read the book, you’ll see what I’m saying. I’m not calling my mother a bad mother. I’m not calling her a bad person. I’m saying, you just do not like me. We don’t have that mother-daughter connection."

The interviewer asked if Lee had ever sat down to get to the bottom of why Jackie treated her badly during her childhood.

Takari responded by stating, "My feeling about the situation is definitely not something new. I have spoken to my mother multiple times growing up about how I felt. What I want people to understand most is the past is the past and that’s why I was able to write about it. I have some feelings about the more modern-day things that are going on. I feel some type of way about those actions. But I’m not dwelling on anything. I don’t hold any grudge toward anyone. I just want my point to be made and I think I did that with my book..."

Takari was asked about her previous depression and 'cutting' episodes and how she has moved forward in her life.

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Takari was asked about her previous depression and 'cutting' episodes and how she has moved forward in her life.

Lee responded, "One thing is I learned to appreciate life. I had a reason to appreciate life, and that was having my first child. I struggled for a long time, but when I was 19, and I gave birth to my son, that nurturing feeling that I always craved, I was able to provide. I started to pray to the Lord, like 'I’m so sorry that once upon a time, I didn’t want to be here. I didn’t know your plan for me.' I literally was scared for a while, because I was bad. I really did hate life. But I found an appreciation for it. I told the Lord one day, 'It’s your plan. Whatever happens from here, I’m walking forward with you. I’m not listening to anyone else’s voices. I’m going straight.'"

👋🏾, You guys made me confident enough to know this moment was special no matter how I looked 😂❤️😘😘😘😘😘 @fairmontolympic My kids are still raving about their stay with you guys !!!

Lee was asked how her childhood experiences affected her own parenting with her kids.


She replied, "I am more aware. As you know, I’m Jackie’s daughter. Some of her tendencies, her yelling, the way I talk at times, I’m aware of it. So I will catch myself. I look at my kids and I put myself in their shoes. I have sons also. I know I’m raising men, so I really think about their pride and their ego. I don’t want to bruise that. I try to come at them in a sense where, I have to be correct. I know that as a woman. I want them to be strong-willed men so I have to do my part. So that plays a big part in what I’m doing. My grandmother did not raise a fool [laughs]." 

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Lee also discussed appearing on "Basketball Wives" previously and if she would consider appearing on the reality show.

Lee replied, "I don’t know. And that’s kind of what I’ve been speaking to people in my circle about in the last couple of days. Like I said at this point, it’s an entertainment thing. Me coming on there is not going to go along with the plan they have and I feel like I would be the bad guy. I’m not going to put myself up against a group of women I don’t know..."

Takari was asked about the current status of her relationship with her mother, Jackie, and what the future may hold.

Takari said in part, "I never told my mother in any words that she could not see her grandkids. I have offered to walk to California with my kids. Whatever needs to be done. I want my mom to know my kids, like that would be beautiful. But I’m not going to force her if she doesn’t want to, and if it’s not a priority. I can only offer..."

Do you think these two will ever have a solid mother-daughter bond?

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