Tami Roman Calls Out Cardi B For Looking "Pregnant" In 'Bonnet Chronicles' Video + Cardi B Viciously Claps Back!

February 12, 2018 11:34 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

Worlds colliding!

You know we enjoy Cardi, right? And we also enjoy Tami Roman. And now…they are bickering!

We don’t even know what to feel. 

The Basketball Wives star is magical at using social media to bring laughter to the world, via her often-hysterical ’Bonnet Chronicles’ series on Instagram. 

Her raw and unfiltered commentary on the latest in pop culture usually brings the laughs but she may have made a misstep this time around, if Miss Cardi’s take tells us anything. 

Tami’s silly thoughts on Cardi’s “sudden weight gain” (which, like, could everyone calm down?) may have earned the applause of thousands of her Instagram followers, but the rapper was NOT happy.

Watch Tami's response to the above photo: 

#bonnetchronicles #CardiB #Sis #IsYouPregnant #StomachLookLike #YourUterusIsOccupied #YouNotDancingNow #IWannaLetYou #FatInPeace #But #MoneyMoves #CoinStacked #IcyRingFinger #PerfectTime #ForABaby #ItsGonnaBeCute #ImHappy #CanIMakeTheAnnouncementForYou #DontComeForMeSis #YouKnowILoveYou #Justjokes #CanWeDoABonnetChronicleExclusiveTho #SheReady #livelovelaugh

Cardi quickly hopped on Instagram in response to Tami’s jokes. 

After running down her day and how she discovered the snark on ’Bonnet Chronicles,’ Cardi B wrote, “I don’t ever talk about other people! I be talking my [expletive[ but not about others specially[sic] if i don’t know you… Whyyyy is my name in your [expletive] mouth? Do i make you a check? Do i [expletive] you? Am i eating your [expletive]? Am i helping you find a job? So why Cardi B be in your [expletive] mouth?”

Tami popped into her comments once word of Cardi’s response made the media rounds 

“I always hear and read ppl saying the same thing, so honestly I felt that was an old topic. LOL,” she shared. “But really it wasn’t that serious. I always uplift her & her sister but she didn’t choose those things to respond to. It’s no beef so no response is necessary on my end.”

Hm. Still kind of rude, Tami.

We so wish these two would be friends! Wouldn’t it be such a riot?


Look though…Cardi's weight is her business and she owes the world no explanations for her body. At all. 

#PressPlay I can’t 😩😂 #FansBeDoingTooMuch #LetHerLive 😩😩

A fan previously asked, “Is there maybe a Kylie Jenner secret that we need to know about lol Just asking,” to which Cardi responded, “No [expletive] I’m just getting fat. Let me fat [sic]” in peace.”

According to Revelist, Cardi later reposted a “fat meme” of herself, captioning it with a series of pizza, taco, ice cream and other food emojis.

Haha. Amazing.

She also told E! News’ Giuliana Rancic (at the Grammys) that if people have questions about her life, they should just ask her. 

“Somebody always saying that I’m pregnant every two weeks,” Cardi had explained. “So it’s just like, if ya’ll wanna know, ask me, I’ll tell ya.”

“I’ve been trying to get away from gossip sites,” she continued. “It’s been OK. I haven’t replied back to no bad comments like in five days.”

Cardi, we have a question! Can you continue being this wonderful forever and ever? And maybe kick Offset to the curb? You’re the best.

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