Tessa Thompson Reacts To Reports That She's Actually Dating Her Best Friend/Singer Janelle Monáe — Video

March 17, 2018 10:57 AM

Elliah Dash-Stell

Feature Writer

Are Actress Tessa Thompson and her BFF Janelle Monáe actually a couple?

No clue. But Tessa is apparently fine with people hoping that they are!

Entertainment Tonight's Courtney Tezeno chatted with the Thor: Ragnarok star on Thursday, where she addressed the great fan response she and Janelle have been getting since the lovely music video for “Make Me Feel” dropped.

"What does shipping mean? They're going to put you in a box together and ship you away?" she asked, before it was clarified that it meant fans thought they would be a cute pairing. 

"Oh, right!" she laughed.

"Janelle and I have been really close. We've been really good friends at this point for about three and a half years," Tessa dished “I'm so lucky to have her in my life. I met her in an audition!"

"I'm so proud of her now that she's entering the film space. So what we were able to do for her in this record cycle for her is to make what they are calling an 'emotion picture,'" she explained. "Janelle is somebody that is interested in empowering not just women but people to be who they are."

"People called it a bisexual anthem," Tessa said of the song and video. "If it makes people feel liberated in their skin and feel closer to who they are, then I think we did our job."

Watch The Clip Below:

Thor: Ragnarok is available on Digital now, and comes to 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray on March 6.

During an interview with Ok Player a while back, Janelle (kind of) touched upon her sexual identity. 

“I am an advocate – I have friends who are in, you know, same-sex relationships and I think that love has no sexual orientation. Love has no religious beliefs. Love is the purest thing and one of the most important things that we can possess for ourselves and for others.”

When the interviewer asked if she dated men or women, the songstress replied, “You know what, I keep my personal life to myself. I think one of the things about that is that I want everyone to focus on my music and also I don’t want to let anybody down. I want women to still be attracted to me – go get my album! And I want men to still be attracted to me so I have to be political in this. I can’t really tell y’all.”

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