Toni Braxton's Money Issues Become Public After Ending Engagement With Birdman

January 19, 2019 6:43 AM
Things just went from bad to worse for Toni Braxton. 

According to The Blast, the R&B Diva was hit with a tax lien from the IRS of nearly half a million.

The news comes days after her engagement with Birdman was called off.

According to court records the IRS filed the first lien against the singer on December 4. The lien states that Toni Braxton owes a total of $340,252.99 in back taxes for 2017. Then days later the State of California Franchise Tax Board hit her with a tax lien of their own over $116,154.64 for a grand total of $456,407.63.

The state of California and the IRS have reportedly told the 51-year-old that if she doesn’t pay the tax debt quickly, they will seize her properties.

This is the second tax lien the “Un-break My Heart” singer faced in the past year as both the IRS and the State of California filed tax liens against her last year, reporting she owes $780,808.29 in back taxes.

Braxton has infamously filed for bankruptcy twice in the past (1996 and 2010). In a judgement, Toni had most of a reported $10 million dollar total debt wiped after missing shows due to health issues she was experiencing with lupus. 

Do you think Toni needs to ask her now ex-fiancé Birdman to help pay her tax debt?


Previous story by Vincent "Heartbreak" Tucker (1/4/2018 at 7:38 am CT):

If you’ve been following the love story of Toni Braxton and Birdman, you’d know that the two have a lengthy history that started as a friendship back in 2002. 

The decade-long friendship turned into a romance which then became an engagement earlier this year. 

As we've come to learn though in this new year, the two are no longer an item.

On January 1st, the 50-year-old Cash Money Records Mogul shared a post on his Instagram story that read "It's Over" before later deleting the post and all of the photos on his Instagram page. 

Toni Braxton followed the same path and deleted every picture from her Instagram account. 

The 51-year-old singer has since shared a solo picture of herself in a red dress with the caption: "Starting a new chapter isn't always an easy choice...but ALWAYS choose to be chosen. Cheers to a new year."

Scroll to see the receipts below: 
#TSRBreakUps: It looks like #ToniBraxton & #Birdman may have called it quits judging by their cryptic IG posts, including #Birdman’s #PostAndDelete 👀 If y’all remember, sis pushed back their wedding date & allegedly lost her engagement ring a couple of months ago 👀 

After further review, it turns out this romance was doomed for the start. 

It turns out he was eager to make things legal and walk down the aisle as husband and wife. 

The Braxton Family Values star postponed their nuptials several times and now we know why. 

A source told Celebrity Insider that: "Toni is still scarred from her past marriage and financial woes. As the world already knows, both Toni and Birdman both owe the government some money. On top of everything else, Birdman is allegedly under investigation for trying to put a hit out on Lil Wayne. That may have scared Toni away even more."

Last year, Toni Braxton shared with Wendy Williams that Baby gave her an ultimatum to set a wedding date by the end of the year or everything would be called off. 

As we all saw, Toni never set that date. 

The insider added: “Birdman already felt like he was giving Toni to many chances, it looks like she just didn’t want to marry him. Losing the ring was the last straw and the two were holding something that wasn’t there”

Do you think the two should get back together?

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