Need Some Travel Inspiration? The Wanderlust’n Celebs You Need To Follow

September 28, 2016 11:37 AM

Kim Lee Baker

Lifestyle Writer

Need Some Travel Inspiration? The Wanderlust’n Celebs You Need To Follow

Travel is the new designer bag or the new table service for your squad. Everyone is going. Travel pics are replacing what I ate pics. Destination weddings have become the norm, letting couples celebrate, plus get away with the whole team. We’re forming travel clubs and racking up frequent flyer miles.  Almost everone has a TSA or wanna be The Voice contestant, flight attendant story.

The popular ones are going non-stop, it seems. Not only to perform, compete and such, but for pleasure. All while giving us some spots we are inspired to check-up on:

Beyonce & Jay Z
Of course they’re going. It feels like they’ve been to every corner of the Planet. And with the likes of stops like Iceland, this wintertime pic has us wanting to pop bottles in the snow, too

Tyrese has come along way since crooning about Coca-Cola on the city bus. The bus is now lux private jets, complete with an overseas entourage. At times though, just peace and calm, like this shot in Doha is all the inspiration needed.


The Real Eve has grown all the way up. From Mykonos to the UK to Cairo, Eve’s IG shows like a hip hop travel magazine. This trip to The Malaika School in Kalebuka, Democratic Republic of the Congo is probably the most ahhhh worthy.

Majorie Harvey
With or without her Mr., traveling while chic isn’t a bad profession. Every trip is a cover shoot, while being globally flawless. The envy is real. 

Serena Williams
Of course travel is a requirement for being The World’s Best. But, here she is on a horse … in the sea… we don’t even know where this is. Dope beyond measure? Yes, definitely.

Miss Sausage’NBoots’ recent trip to Vietnam shows us she truly DOES know where to eat. Plus, explore really fly-like. Stopping rickshaw traffic and not even breaking a sweat? #goals


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