Wendy Williams’ Estranged Husband Speaks Out After Fist Fight With Their Teen Son

May 23, 2019 2:57 PM
In case you missed it, the drama boiled over in Wendy Williams’ family. 

As we all know, the 54-year-old TV host filed for divorce in April after her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter Sr, welcomed an outside baby with his long-time mistress, Sharina Hudson.

The family drama took a turn on Wednesday (May 22nd), after Kevin Hunter Sr. got into a fight with their 18-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr. 

TMZ reports they got into a fight in a store parking lot in New Jersey after the elder Hunter accused Wendy of brain washing their son.

The tabloid site added the argument stemmed from Dad stressing to their son that he needs to "carve his own path to success" and "work hard on his own without Wendy's handouts."

Kevin Jr. allegedly punched his dad in the nose before his dad was able to grab him and keep him in a headlock until the police arrived. 

The college-bound teen was then arrested, booked and booked on a simple assault charge. 

Kevin Hunter Sr. has since spoken with TMZ about the incident as he shared: "I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally. Things are not always how they appear."

Page Six reports that Wendy Williams and her son left for Chicago after he was released from Police Custody. The gossip queen and Kevin Jr attended the Sweets and Snacks Expo there as she promoted “Candy Pop”, a brand that used to sponsor the Foundation she used to have with Kevin Hunter Jr before dissolving it earlier this month. 

Williams has yet to comment on the fight between her husband and son… and we’re willing to bet she won’t be doing so anytime soon. 


Previous story by Vincent "Heartbreak" Tucker (05/22/2019 at 9:50 pm CT):


After making a living off of everybody else's "tea" for three decades, karma continues to make Wendy Williams’ world messier by the day. 

As we know, the 54-year-old filed for divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter last month after he reportedly welcomed a baby with his long-time mistress, Sharina Hudson.  

Wendy proceeded to fire him as both her manager and executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show. Hunter then responded to the divorce filing by asking for spousal support, child support for their 18-year-old son Kevin Hunter Jr. and much more. 

It appears though that Wendy’s son isn’t too happy about Dad’s plan to get his mom’s money. 

On Wednesday (May 22), Police were called after Kevin Hunter Sr. and Kevin Hunter Jr. got into a physical fight. 

According to TMZ, the altercation took place after Wendy dropped their son off at home where Kevin Jr. wasn’t aware that Dad was home. 

The two allegedly got into the car and drove to the store where the conversation escalated.  Kevin Jr came at his dad about asking his mom for spousal support. Kevin Sr became irritated as he was convinced his soon-to-be ex-wife was brainwashing their son. 

The argument escalated with the 18-year-old punching his father in the nose, who then put his son in a headlock to “calm him down” according to authorities.

Kevin Jr. was arrested, booked (and then released) on a simple assault charge.

In a statement, Kevin Hunter Sr said: “I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally. Things are not always how they appear.”

Hopefully, the father and son are able to patch things up. 
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