WATCH: Wendy Williams Shades Her Husband's Mistress With Ayesha Curry's Help

May 09, 2019 8:31 PM
Since the top of the year, Wendy Williams continues to be involved in constant bad news as many would argue karma finally came for the legendary gossip queen. 

While she hasn’t come out and publicly address her pending divorce from estranged husband Kevin Hunter, Williams has used subtle ways to talk about it. 

Using her infamous "Hot Topics" segment on her TV Show (where she shares her opinions on the biggest celebrity stories), Wendy is throwing shade at Kevin Hunter and his long-time mistress Sharina Hudson. 

During a recent taping, Wendy Williams brought up the backlash that Ayesha Curry has been getting about her comments on Red Table Talk. The wife of NBA Steph Curry questioned why men don’t flirt and/or compliment her as much as women try to flirt with her husband. 

Wendy spoke about Ayesha’s comments and used it as an opportunity to get petty and personal about her own marital drama. 

"There are a lot of women who don't have respect for a marriage," said Wendy before looking into the camera. "You know what I'm saying? A lot of women who know your man is married will have the nerve to be right up under him right under your nose."

She then twirled her hair to emphasize the shade she was sure everyone would get who it was about. 

#WendyWilliams had her petty hat ON today chileeee 🎩😩😂 (📹: @wendyshow) See earlier post 5h

In case you don’t know, her husband met his mistress through Wendy’s old radio co-host, Charlamagne The God. 

There are old pictures that Sharina was invited to many events that Kevin and Wendy hosted and/or attended, giving confirmation that the affair was happening right under Wendy’s nose. 

In late March, Sharina reportedly welcomed a baby with Wendy’s husband Kevin Hunter in a Philadelphia hospital. 

Wendy Williams filed for divorce two weeks later before firing Kevin as both her manager and executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show (it’s rumored that he’ll be receiving a $10 million payout).  

In Williams’ divorce filing, she sought to establish an “appropriate amount of child support” as well as “other further relief as the Court deems fair and equitable.”

Kevin Hunter replied to her divorce filing by petitioning the court to have Wendy to pay for his legal bills in their divorce proceedings, claiming he needs her to fund his battle against her in court. He’s also requesting alimony, spousal support AND even child support for their 18-year-old son.

A source told Celebrity Insider: “It is business as usual for Wendy regarding Kevin’s new divorce demands. She is not surprised, nor is she even fazed by what he is asking for. Wendy does feel slightly offended because the way she sees it, she has been the one that has been supporting both Kevin and his alleged baby momma all this time.”

What do you think of Wendy’s shade towards her husband and his mistress?

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