The Internet Refuses To Believe Rasheeda Cheated On Kirk And It’s Funny AF — Video

May 11, 2019 3:53 PM
When the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta supertrailer came out in March to hype Season 8, Rasheeda Frost turned heads when she shared a secret no one saw coming. 

“I ain’t always been perfect,” Rasheeda shared in a scene. “We’ve had infidelities from both sides.”

Of course, it’s well documented to viewers of the hit reality show that her husband Kirk Frost has been far from faithful numerous times but this was the first time we heard about Rasheeda cheating. 

On the May 6th episode of LHHATL, Ms. Frost elaborated about “infidelities on both sides” after inviting couple on the show to a cabin getaway to work on their respective relationships. 

She shared: “Nobody is perfect and relationships have issues, but y’all also gotta understand forgiveness, too. That’s what I have learned to understand because we’ve had to forgive each other for [ish]. I ain’t always been perfect in my marriage. We’ve had dishonesty from both sides of us in this marriage. We’ve had infidelities from both sides of us in this marriage.”

As her revelation caused shock for everyone listening, Lil Scrappy even said, “I can’t hear that coming out of your mouth!”

Rasheeda said it was true as she added: “My situation was a very long time ago. “We grew together. You think at some points in time we didn’t think, ‘Oh, this may not work’? We brought y’all so that y’all could see that we’re putting that behind us.”

Even though their journey has been long, @Rasheeda shares how she has made her 20+ year relationship with husband, Kirk work for the long run! #LHHATL

She concluded her revelation by saying: “So yes, you know I’ve had infidelities in the past, early in Kirk and I’s relationship. But honestly, at this point, bringing everybody here is for everybody to discuss things and face it,” she added in her confessional. “We have to come together and face it and talk about it. That’s how you move past it.”

Thinking of all of the backlash that he’s received for cheating on Rasheeda and even fathering an outside baby, Kirk added: “Anybody that’s outside of y’all relationship, don’t let them have so much power to separate y’all. Because people be miserable.”

Rasheeda obviously thought that her admission of cheating would quell the eyerolls that her husband gets because of his infidelity, lies, love child and mistresses that have kept the couples’ marriage under a constant microscope. 

Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t believe the “Bubblegum” rapper actually cheated and that her reveal is nothing more than an attempt to make the playing field look even. 

One follower explained:  “Rasheeda lying so that Kirk doesn’t look bad with his ugly [self] 🙄.”

This person is convinced Rasheeda was forced to lie:  “She ain’t [do no creeping] Kirk told her to say that so he can be clear through the situation 🤷🏽♀️ or she probably talking about something that happened like 15 years ago 🤦🏾♀️.”

Another commenter shared: “Why Rasheeda lying 😂😂? She just saying all this to justify what Kirk did and taken him back Ma’am you took him back you ain’t got to lie we don’t care! She ain’t did [ish] in her marriage.”

This fan stated: “I do not believe Rasheeda. I think she’s just tired of looking like a damn fool and trying to save face. She ain’t cheat on Kirk 🤣 that was good tho🤣.”

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And there was more…

Do you believe that Rasheeda once cheated on her husband Kirk Frost? 

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